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Both the Open and Women team bounced back after a poor showing in the initial rounds. Finally clear wins that should lift the morale of both the teams!

The Malaysian Open team won 4-0 against Ghana whereas the Women team won 3-1 South Africa.

  Ghana (GHA)Rtg0 – 4  Malaysia (MAS)Rtg
Adu-Poku, Kwabena19740 – 1FMLim, Zhuo Ren2318
Anhwere, Bernard18900 – 1FMWong, Yinn Long2381
Fomevor, Cephas Clinton18300 – 1CMTan, Jun Ying2191
CMAdu Jnr, Lionel18240 – 1Poh, Yu Tian2118
Malaysia Open Team results

The Malaysian Open team will be meeting Botswana next.

picture courtesy of Peter Long on Chess blog
South AfricaRtg1-3MalaysiaRtg
WIMFebruary, Jesse Nikki18720 – 1WIMFoudzi, Siti Zulaikha2188
WIMVan Zyl, Charlize17040 – 1WFMAzhar, Puteri Rifqah Fahada1940
WCMSelkirk, Rebecca17450 – 1WCMSim, Jia Ru2005
WIMBouah, Denise17361 – 0WFMChong, Kai Ni Agnes1909
Malaysia Women Team results

The Women team will be meeting New Zealand in Round 6.

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