To be precise, the proper name is “8TH JOHOR INTERNATIONAL OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2023”. But to make it simple I’ll just refer to the tourney as Johor Open. It consists of 2 section the Masters and Amateurs section. The biggest difference this year compared to the past is that is now a part of the ASEAN CHESS Series. The Johor tournament being the second in the series.

The numbers are lesser compared to last year with a total of 85 players in both the Masters and Amateurs section.

24 players are taking part in the Masters section and there 61 players in the Amateurs.

The Thailand International Open which is the first in the series and just concluded(held in Chiangmai from June 28 to July 4 of 2023)

Three players at the Chiangmai Open met the requirements for the International Master title, and this number is anticipated to rise dramatically with the better Masters (average rating of 2303) at the Johor Open!

Grandmaster Diptayan Ghosh, the top seed, used the black pieces to upset Malaysia’s National Champion FIDE Master Lim Zhouren in the first round of play.

In the absence of any shocks, his primary rivals are predicted to be the top two seeds in the tournament—the Grandmasters Susanto Megaranto and Novendra Priasmoro from Indonesia—as well as the third-seeded Chinese International Master Chen Qi B.

There are a total of 16 players with titles from eight different nations, including four Grandmasters, eight International Masters, and four FIDE Masters.

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