RankName RtgRatingFEDBirthPtsBH
1GMVillamayor Buenaventura2311SGP196746
2IMGunawan Ronny2223INA196047
3IMLioe Dede2299INA1970646
4GMFominyh Alexander2203FID1959644.5
5IMBancod Ronald2174PHI1971643.5
1IMLiew Chee-Meng Jimmy2154MAS1958543
2FMIsmail Ahmad1772MAS1963538.5
3Sabri Mohd Saprin1932MAS1972537
BEST Seniors 65 — 74 years (TOP 2)
1CMSpiller Paul1846NZL195735.5
2IMChan Peng Kong2159SGP1956440.5
Senior Above 75 years (TOP 2)
1Kuich Gero1340SUL1942432
2Kwan Nam Sang Eddy1762MAS194529.5

The Seniors section of the 2023 Malaysian Chess Festival is won by Grandmaster Villamayor Buenaventura of Singapore. With 7 and a half points out of a possible nine, the Grandmaster ended one full point ahead of his nearest challenger. For his accomplishments, Villamayor Buenaventura receives 4,000 Ringgit Malaysia and a Challenger trophy.

Gunawan Ronny, an Indonesian International Master, finished clear second with 6 and a half points, earning him 3,000 Ringgit Malaysia.

International Master Lioe Dede finished third after a tie break, earning RM 2000.

Russian Grandmaster Fominyh Alexander is in fourth place, earning an RM 1000 reward.

International Master Bancod Phillipino Ronald finished fifth and received an RM 500 prize.

There were also unique rewards. Three awards for Best Malaysian were given to:

International Master Liew Chee-Meng Jimmy was rewarded with RM 1500 for his achievements.
FIDE Master Ismail Ahmad was awarded RM 1000 for being the second best Malaysian.Sabri Mohd Saprin finished third, earning him RM 500.

Best Seniors (65-75 years old) went to Candidate Master Paul Spiller, who was awarded RM 1500 for his achievements. Singaporean International Master Chan Peng Kong comes in second place and receives RM 1000.

Kuich Gero won Best Seniors (over 75 years old) and received RM 1500. Eddy Kwan comes in second place in this category and receives RM 1000.

The Seniors (event 7) included 40 players in total.


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