I guess the picture sums up how it feels for the Malaysian Open team to go up against a monstrosity like Croatia. Sure, Malaysia is small and agile but we are no match for the hulking monster like Croatia.

Just look at the rating! All 2600+ except their last board who is 2500+. It was a whitewash if not for FM Lim Zhuo Ren heroic draw against the more-than-scary GM Ian Saric, who as pointed out by some Facebook friends, has beaten none other than Magnus Carlsen himself.

CroatiaRtg3½: ½MalaysiaRtg
GMSaric, Ivan2680½ – ½FMLim, Zhuo Ren2318
GMBrkic, Ante26111 – 0FMWong, Yinn Long2381
GMKozul, Zdenko26021 – 0CMTan, Jun Ying2191
GMBosiocic, Marin25491 – 0Poh, Yu Tian2118

Here are the games:-

The Womens’ Team fared better taking down Uganda narrowly with a 2½:1½ score.

WIMFoudzi, Siti Zulaik2188½ – ½Nakabo, Peni1747
WIMAzhar, Puteri Mun2018½ – ½WCMAmpaire, Sh1666
WFMAzhar, Puteri Rifq1940½ – ½WFMNansubuga,1538
WCMSim, Jia Ru20051 – 0Kawuma, Pa1653

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