Chennai Olympiad After 9 Rounds

Chennai Olympiad After 9 Rounds

Most significant is Poh Yu Tian 100+ Elo points gain. His current score of 7 out 9 is impressive!

Malaysian Women team rating performance

1WIMFoudzi Siti Zulaikha218810½½101048201920-15
2WIMAzhar Puteri Munajjah201810½0½1037194820-2.8
3WFMAzhar Puteri Rifqah1940+0½110½½4.58189920-6
4WCMSim Jia Ru20051101101058184140-24.4
5WFMChong Kai Ni Agnes19090½0½125173040-39.6

Malaysian Open team rating performance

1FMLim Zhuo Ren231810½01½1048226220-0.8
2FMWong Yinn Long23811½0011014.58224920-6.4
3CMTan Jun Ying21911½0½1½0½049209320-14.6
4Poh Yu Tian211811011101179233940109.2
5FMSubramaniam Sumant21520112020-1.8

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