Since the motto of this website is “Malaysian Chess at it’s best” I thought it’d be interesting to ask ChatGPT what it thinks was Malaysian Chess Best year. This is it’s answer:

As an AI language model, I don’t have subjective opinions or emotions to determine which year was the best for Malaysian chess. However, I can provide some objective information regarding the performance of Malaysian chess players.

Malaysia has been participating in international chess events since the 1960s. Malaysian chess players have competed in various prestigious events such as the Chess Olympiad and the World Chess Championship.

In recent years, Malaysia’s chess players have shown significant improvement in their performance. In 2016, Malaysian chess player Yeoh Li Tian achieved Grandmaster (GM) norm the first ever by a Malaysian, and became the first Malaysian ever to qualify to play in the FIDE World Cup. This was a significant achievement for Malaysian chess as it helped to raise the profile of chess in the country.

Moreover, in the 2018 Chess Olympiad held in Batumi, Georgia, the Malaysian men’s team achieved their best-ever result by finishing in 67th place out of 185 participating countries. The Malaysian women’s team also achieved their best-ever result in the same event by finishing in 98th place out of 150 participating countries.

Therefore, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific year as the “best” for Malaysian chess as the performance of Malaysian chess players has been improving over the years.

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