It’s almost hilarious how many times this blog has died and came back to life again. Well is gone anyway because I forgot to renew the domain in time. Squatters immediately took it. Then I switched to Same thing happened when I forgot to pay renewal fees in time, squatters again bought it. I just can’t figure out why anyone would want to own that name besides me. I guess the age of the domain gave it some value. is more than 10 years old.

I’ve mostly gave up on blogging about chess and the Covid pandemic seemed to cement that fact. However now that Covid’s going away, chess is coming back. Local tournaments are starting to gain momentum and promising to reach levels before the pandemic.

This is yet another attempt at reviving my GilaChess blog (now that .com and .net versions are out of my reach) using the .org domain extension.

The recent chess activity in Malaysia has also fired up my interest in chess again. So here are the Chess projects I am planning:

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